We Can Help You With All Your Business Needs

Your digital presence is how your customers identify your brand. We know you have great products and strive to work with you and help update and innovate how you talk to your customers and how your customers view you. We offer a variety of services to meet your individual needs.


Show Your Professionalism

We can be your website designer and maker to look as professional as you are with an expertly crafted website that is your headquarters for your digital presence. This is where you are in control and do not need to conform to other platforms’ terms and conditions. Your new website is where your customers can directly get to know your business offerings. Start your direct conversation with your clients today.

We can meet all of your needs and set up you e-commerce store, establish an online booking platform, or let you show off your hard work.

Achieve Your Goals

Your online reputation is everything for attracting new customers. Online reviews such as on Google, Yelp, and TripAdvisor empower customers to make better informed purchasing decisions and increase consumer trust. We tailor an online review strategy for your business that will draw in customers and increase their trust.

Our online review service can be tailored to your business needs and preferences. We offer both a subscription service, a month-to-month fee, and a one-time annual fee.


Digital social media


Grow Your Business

Having a website is a great starting point, but the most effective way to reach your soon-to-be customers is to meet them where they are online. Social media is a powerful and inexpensive way to attract your target customer’s attention. However, the content your business posts needs to be adapted to each social media platform to be effective.



These plans are catered for the on-the-go business owner. Monthly subscriptions automatically renew every month. If your needs change overtime, no need to worry as we can change or cancel any plan at any time. You can have peace of mind that Praiseworthy Consulting LLC is monitoring your online brand.


We here at Praiseworthy Consulting LLC understand that like people, the businesses they run are unique. One-size-fits-all plans are not necessarily the best option for everyone. All pricing is based on hours worked and cost. Request your individual quote from a dedicated consultant today.