• Claudia Ramos

It’s Free Marketing (Questions on the use of Social Media for Business Owners)

It’s Free Marketing (Questions on the use of Social Media for Business Owners)

For the past 10 years, business gurus tout the miracle of the Internet to mysteriously bless everyone with a WIFI connection with more reach than a TV marketer’s dream. Now with the advent of social media, marketing is free or cheap over the Internet. But how does a small business owner take advantage?

The right answer depends on several factors like:

Who are your clients?

What type of business are you operating?

What are your business goals? etc.

However, a business owner’s approach to taking advantage of social media is the same regardless of the nuances.

First, the business owner needs to define what she wants to achieve on social media based on the long-term health of her business. From there, she creates a marketing strategy of either gaining more followers, building her brand, increase website traffic, or many others.

Depending on the customer, the business owner should select the appropriate social media platform where her target customer likes to hang out online. This would mean Facebook for a romance writer targeting middle-aged women or LinkedIn for a heavy machinery parts seller targeting specific manufacturing companies. The business owner should then create content on her primary social media platform. This content should be uploaded consistently (at least once a week). People who post inconsistently rarely are able to scale, which should be avoided.

Other platforms shouldn’t be neglected either. A restaurant owner may use Facebook as her primary social media, but she should use LinkedIn to build relationships that could lead to catering events of a nearby corporation and use Instagram to showcase his restaurant’s amazing food. An important note to consider is that not all content is one-size-fits-all. This means that the restaurant needs to create content specifically for each platform. This same restaurant owner should take pictures of the families that dine at the restaurant (with customer’s permission) enjoying their experience out, all while trading small business owner tricks on LinkedIn and taking glamour shots of the daily specials. Even though it takes more work, the dividends really accumulate in your favor.

What should your content be?

As Gary Vaynerchuk, CEO of VaynerMedia, recommends to document instead of creating. Just by pulling out a phone and hitting record, you can document what you have learned in your journey as a small business owner. This relieves the pressure of having to create a performance when one may not be a show person. But one should first start with downloading each social media pla

Why not pay for ads on social media?


Why not pay for ads on social media?ur own content on social media?

Two good questions, but the heart of the matter is that people don’t like to be sold to but like to buy. Most people have trained themselves to ignore ads online or simply to eliminate it entirely. If you want your target customer to pay attention to you then you have to create something that they want to consume. The more you provide what your target customer wants, the more they want to buy from you. So, creating your own social media content may take time to consistently create, tailor, and post but given time and done well content, your free social media efforts can grow your small business by leaps and bounds. That’s the

power of free social media.